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11 2020-12

The 2020 Huaxin Color Printing Staff Basketball Game Finals Perfectly Called

Recently, Huaxin Color Printing's 2020 basketball game came to an end. The finals were held in the "Production No. 2" team and the company's "Meilun Packaging" team. After fierce competition, the "Production No. 2" team scored 61:49. The advantage won the championship of this basketball game. This competition is an extension of the special educational activity of “Implementing the Responsibilities of Strict Party Governance and Strengthening the Awareness of Political Responsibility”, and is one of the activities for the implementation of the corporate culture of “Towards a New Virtue”. Leading by the party building and loving employees, the event emphasizes the participation of all employees, from the members of the company’s party and government team, down to the front-line employees of the production and the employees of the outsourcing units in the park. The participation of everyone is extremely high, which perfectly interprets the "national fitness, joint participation" The theme, the sports spirit of "safety, harmony, health, and friendship" runs through the entire competition. For the first time this year, the basketball game in the park invited the cooperative unit of the park to form a team and received strong support. Due to the special period of the production peak season, the 6 teams participating this time have gone through three months of fierce competition. Each team of Huaxin Color Printing Co., Ltd. and the cooperative unit of the park jointly practiced the cultural concept of "competition with Germany" and dared to fight. Not afraid to work overtime and overtime, fully embody the spirit of "friendship first, competition second". Until recently, the finals came to an end. The company's "Production Division 2" won the championship with a perfect record of four wins. The cooperative unit "Meilun Packaging" team won the runner-up with four wins and three victories. The Production Division Liu Lijie won the most Value player, Meilun Packing Li Xinxin won the honor of the best forward, and the second production Li Yongjian won the honor of the best defender. At the awards ceremony, the chairman of the labor union Zhu Chunxia delivered a congratulatory speech. She said: This competition is one of the employee sports games jointly organized by the Huaxin Color Printing Party Branch and the labor union. An important upward activity, I hope that athletes will apply the sportsmanship of tenacious struggle, never give up, and never admit defeat in the competition. This will become an important force for the high-quality and steady development of Huaxin Color Printing! Don't go away, there are eggs~ Corporate culture knowledge For people in the company, the characteristics of corporate culture have actually been deeply imprinted in the lives of individuals and become the composition of their personalities. —— "Xiang De Jingxin China Paper's Line" This article Source: new color printing; Author: Zhang Wenzhong, items fly; Editor: Choi Han Jian; reprint please indicate the source author.
28 2020-11

Convergence of consumer and enterprise to build safety together-Huaxin Color Printing and fire brigade have a friendly basketball match

Recently, the Huaxin Color Printing Basketball Court has been brilliantly illuminated and lively, with constant cheers and cheers. A special basketball friendly match is being held here, Huaxin Color Printing VS Fire Squadron. This is the fruit of peace and friendship created by the two sides. Huaxin Color Printing won the friendly match with a 56:50 advantage. ▲A photo taken before the match between Huaxin Color Printing and the Fire Squadron made Huaxin Color Printing feel the vigorous and courageous spirit of the "brother of the firefighting" of the firefighting team. After a game, Huaxin Color Printing learned more solidarity, mutual assistance and dedication to safeguarding the enterprise. spirit. A friendly basketball match with the park fire squadron,
11 2021-01

Huaxin Color Printing Launches the Second Training of Micro Video Production

Recently, the Party and Mass Department of Huaxin Color Printing organized the second phase of micro-video production training. In the first phase of the micro-video production training, we have mastered the theoretical knowledge of micro-video shooting and the use of shooting equipment; we have organized research teams for micro-video production in various departments, and each department has completed the preparation of micro-video materials. This training , Aims to further improve the level of micro-video planning, shooting, editing and production of correspondents. The training lecturer was Zhang Hongtao, a senior photojournalist and photo director of Foshan Daily, and a total of 30 correspondents and video enthusiasts participated in this training. (Taught by Teacher Zhang) Teacher Zhang Hongtao first introduced the basic requirements of video shooting, that is, the level of the picture is not skewed, the picture is stable and does not shake, the picture brightness is normal, and the recording is clear. Afterwards, Mr. Zhang explained the video shooting skills from three aspects: camera angle, scene, and sports camera, and used examples to show you the different effects of different camera angles and scenes. "Reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles", on the basis of mastering the basic theoretical knowledge of shooting, Mr. Zhang conducted on-site practical teaching, instructing the correspondents to experience the effects of pushing, pulling, shaking, shifting and following motion cameras. At the end of the training, Mr. Zhang Hongtao commented on the scripts submitted by various departments of the company. He not only confirmed the highlights of the script creation, but also pointed out the shortcomings, and put forward professional suggestions. (On-site practice) Two sessions of micro-video production training have been launched. Everyone has a certain understanding of micro-video production. Many correspondents and video enthusiasts are eager to try micro-video creation. I believe that through this training activity, everyone can display their amazing creativity in the next company micro-video creation competition, learn and apply, and show the style of Huaxin people. ■Corporate culture knowledge Natural selection Be aware of timing and learn to find out the method from the details. —— "Xiang De Jingxin China Paper's Line" This article Source: new color printing Author: Zhang Haiqi Editor: Han Jian reprint please indicate the source of wealth.
11 2021-01

China Paper's "Responsible as a Forge ahead" team leader training class opened in Jinggangshan

On November 3rd, China Paper's 2020 "Acting as a Forge ahead" team leader training course opened in Jinggangshan, the cradle of the revolution. Zhu Xiaozheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Paper, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhu Ying, deputy director of the National Youth Jinggangshan Revolutionary Traditional Education Base, and Qian Xi, secretary of the China Chengtong Youth League, attended the opening ceremony. A total of 36 league leaders from China Paper and the secretary of the Youth League Committee, members of the Youth League Committee and secretaries of the outstanding Youth League branch of China Paper and the invested enterprises participated in this training. The opening ceremony opened with the solemn national anthem. Zhu Ying delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the education base and gave the class flag to the student representatives. Zhu Xiaozheng pointed out that the company’s party committee attaches great importance to
05 2020-11

The Youth Work Seminar of China Paper Industry League Committee was held in Jinggangshan

On November 2, the Youth Work Seminar of the Youth League Committee of China Paper Industry was held in Jinggangshan. The meeting studied and conveyed the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and discussed the work of youth in the paper industry. Qian Xi, secretary of the Youth League Committee of China Chengtong attended the meeting and gave a speech. China Paper and the secretary of the Youth League Committee, members of the Youth League Committee and the secretary of the Youth League branch attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yan Zerui, secretary of the China Paper League Committee. The Youth League Committees of each platform reported on the youth work development of the Youth League. Qian Xi fully exchanged views on the characteristics, highlights, shortcomings, and next steps of the Youth League organizations at all levels. Qian Xi fully affirmed the work of the Communist Youth League of China Paper. He pointed out that each
28 2020-10

Huaxin Color Printing successfully held the first training of micro video production

Lesson 1: Preliminary preparation for shooting. Recently, hosted by the Party and Mass Department of Huaxin Color Printing, the first phase of micro video production training was successfully held in the conference room on the second floor of the office building. The training specially invited Zhang Hongtao, a senior photographer and photo director of Foshan Daily. More than 20 people participated in the training, including part-time company correspondents, 2020 college student reserve cadres, and micro-video production enthusiasts. Mr. Zhang Hongtao combined his own video production experience, combined theory with practice, explained to everyone the pre-preparation, shooting and post-editing skills of micro-video production, and commented in detail on the micro-video works created by the previous reserve team. Teacher Zhang said,
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