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02 2020-10

Sing for the birthday and raise your glasses to celebrate reunion

Sing for the birthday and raise your glasses to celebrate reunion
27 2020-09

Full moon and Mid-Autumn Festival; warm employees

Full Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Love Workers On the morning of September 23, the labor union of Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd. held a "Moon full Mid-Autumn Festival, warm love for employees" condolences event. Union Chairman Zhu Chunxia and Vice Chairman Chen Li presented holiday gifts and the most sincere gifts to five needy employees blessing of. This activity room was held in order to vigorously promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, deeply implement the corporate culture of "competition with Germany", and create a harmonious and warm Mid-Autumn Festival cultural atmosphere. At the event, Zhu Chunxia, ​​chairman of the Huaxin Color Printing Trade Union, asked about the recent work situation of the employees in need, and sent care and blessings to the employee representatives: "Employees are the wealth of the company. You have worked hard. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. The labor union is the home of our employees. We should always care about our employees and solve their difficulties. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, on behalf of the company’s labor union, I wish you a happy holiday and a happy family! I also hope that you will work harder for The development of the company makes your contribution." The employees present were greatly encouraged and thanked the company's trade union for their care and concern for the employees with family difficulties. They said that in the future work, they will continue to work hard as before and use their own hands in their ordinary jobs to contribute to the company's high-quality development. , I wish the company’s 13th Five-Year Plan "Last Year" to a successful conclusion! Next, the general party branch and labor union will successively organize other condolences activities, such as condolences to retired old cadres, retired old party members, etc., and send a Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to all employees in the company. This article Source: new color printing; Author: Paul Yeung; Editor: Choi Han Jian; reprint please indicate the source author.
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