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28 2020-11

Huaxin color printing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Sign strategic cooperation agreement On November 17, at the employment promotion conference held by Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxin color printing") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Printing College"). Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, coordinated innovation and common development", the two sides have established a strategic cooperative partnership. Through the construction of industry university research and industry education integration innovation platform and project cooperation, give full play to the advantages of universities and enterprises, and jointly promote the construction of symbiotic talent ecology and high-quality innovation and development. At the employment promotion conference with the theme of "school enterprise integration for development, forge ahead and create a new chapter", Huaxin color printing, as the only invited unit of the printing and packaging engineering department, signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai printing and Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd. On behalf of the company, Yu Hongming, project manager of Huaxin color printing, signed the agreement with Gu Ping, director of printing and packaging engineer department of Shanghai printing and Packaging Engineering Co., Ltd. ▼Both sides discuss and discuss ▼Both sides discuss and discuss significance The industry university research platform and strategic cooperation jointly built by Huaxin color printing and Shanghai Press college have made substantial contributions to the value maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets, and are important support for the realization of the world-class and high-quality development goals proposed by the group. An internal circulation industrial chain with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies needs the support of a sound symbiotic talent ecology and the guidance of systematic innovation, with the responsibility of both sides on their shoulders. In addition to signing the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides also conducted visits, discussions and negotiations to identify more directions for realizing strategic cooperation. I believe that through school enterprise cooperation, both sides will usher in a gratifying situation of creating a win-win situation. Corporate culture knowledge New Zhiyuan Things, born in worry, success in business, loss in pride. ——"Competing with Germany for new China paper" Source: Huaxin color printing Author: Wang Lifen responsible editor: Han Jiancai reprint please indicate the source author.
03 2020-11

Boster customer model factory Huaxin color printing: brand wins, cooperation wins the future

Huaxin color printing, win the future with brand and cooperation 2020年,一场突如其来的新冠疫情给中国乃至世界经济运行带来了巨大的挑战,全球很多行业在今年都经历了前所未有的阵痛期,不仅元气大伤,而且更对未来充满了不确定性,不少业界专家都预估至少要三年才能基本恢复至疫情前水平。作为全球经济的风向标之一,印刷包装产业可谓首当其冲。 Covid-19 has brought huge challenges to the economy of China and the rest of the world, during 2020. Many global industries have experienced unprecedented pain this year and future developments remain uncertain. Many industry experts predict it will take at least three years to return to levels before the epidemic. As one of the weathervanes of the global economy, the printing and packaging industry can be said to be the first to be affected. 在此形势之下,华新(佛山)彩色印刷有限公司是如何思考和应对的?带着求解之心,笔者有幸采访到了华新彩印的高明星副总经理,听到了一番诚挚而坚定的解答,并详细了解了华新彩印与博斯特之间的合作往来。 华新(佛山)彩色印刷有限公司副总经理高明星 Under this situation, how does Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd. think and respond? We were fortunate to interview Gao Mingxing, the deputy general manager of Huaxin Color Printing, to learn more about the cooperation between Huaxin Color Printing and BOBST. 华新彩印,始创于1964年,是中国诚通集团旗下中国纸业投资总公司控股的国有印刷包装企业,至今已砥砺前行56年。自建厂以来,华新彩印就不断进取,从小作坊式的印刷宣传单张、书报,到2000年的转制,逐步发展。 Huaxin Color Printing, founded in 1964, is a state-owned printing and packaging enterprise controlled by China Paper Investment Corporation, under China Chengtong Group. It has a history of 56 years.Since its establishment, has been making continuous progress; gradually developing from a small workshop-style printer of leaflets, books and newspapers to a transformation in 2000 that has seen the company move towards a focus on the production of corrugated and folding carton boxes. 随着改革开放的不断深入,华新彩印走向了专注于适用全自动包装的折叠纸盒、纸箱、湿胶标签、不干胶标签、收缩标签、膜内标签、薄膜标签等生产加工,逐渐发展成为立足广东,面向全国多家国内外企业提供优质包装印刷服务的明星企业,成为了食品、药品、个人护理、化妆品、电子电器及玩具、酒类包装、纸制品等六大领域国内最知名包装印刷商之一。 This change in direction came about as a result of continued reform and opening up, and today, Huaxin Color Printing is one of the most well-known packaging and printing companies in the food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, electronic appliances, toys, wine packaging and paper products markets. At present, the company provides high-quality packaging and printing services to more than 140 domestic and international customers. 到如今,华新彩印占地面积120多亩地,拥有宽敞的生产厂房及储存仓库,且全部按照6s标准管理,可很好地满足不同客户对品质与环境的要求。“华新彩印生产规模进一步扩大,迁入新址后,年销售额由原来的2亿元稳步增长到了4亿元。”高明星透露。 Until now, Huaxin Color Printing covers an area of more than 120 mu, occupying spacious production plants and storage warehouses. These are each managed in accordance with the 6s standard to meet the quality and environmental requirements of its diverse customer base. "The production scale of Huaxin Color Printing has further expanded. After moving to our new site, our annual sales have steadily increased from 200 million CNY to 400 million CNY," Gao Mingxing revealed. 对于华新彩印的今日所成,高明星副总认识非常清醒:“华新彩印处于与宏观经济高度相关的包装印刷行业,其发展与我国经济与制造业息息相关。我国已经步入高质量发展阶段,经济发展仍具备多方面的优势和有利条件,但同时我国发展不平衡、不充分的问题仍旧非常突出,给印刷包装行业带来的影响是产业结构的差异变化。” Regarding the achievements of Huaxin Color Printing, Gao Mingxing said: "Huaxin Color Printing is in the packaging and printing industry, which is highly related to the macro economy. Its development is closely related to China’s economy and manufacturing. China has entered a stage of high-quality development, but at the same time, the problem of unbalanced and inadequate economic development in China is still very prominent, and the impact on the printing and packaging industry is the difference in the industrial structure." 对于华新彩印来说,这些年加快产品结构优化升级、提升技术创新能力、深化企业改革与合作、加快绿色发展和自动化信息等,都是华新彩印目前以至于未来能取得高质量发展的重要基础。但就本质而言,其最核心的竞争力莫过于生产制造能力和服务创新能力。 In recent years, Huaxin Color Printing has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of product structure, along with enhancing technological innovation capabilities. It has also strengthened corporate reform and cooperation and focused on sustainability and automation. These are important foundations for business development today and in the future. Yet, the core competitiveness of Huaxin Color Printing is its manufacturing capabilities and service innovation capabilities. “今年国内疫情爆发期间,华新彩印引入博斯特SP106 ER 全清废模切机,博斯特工作人员1个月内完成设备交付,安装,调试,投产。这为我司抗疫产品包装的生产提供了极大的助力,整个过程体现了博斯特的高效率和高品质。”正是这样的服务和专业态度,让华新彩印始终与博斯特携手同行。 "During the outbreak of Covid-19 this year, Huaxin Color Printing purchased SP 106 ER from Bobst Shanghai and they completed machine delivery, installation, commissioning and into production within one month. This provided a great boost to the production of our anti-covid-19 products’ packaging and the whole process reflected the efficiency and high quality of BOBST. It is this kind of service and professional attitude that makes Huaxin Color Printing always go hand in hand with BOBST.” 2020年7月,华新彩印与全球包装印刷领域的领先企业——博斯特正式签署合作协议,华新彩印成为了博斯特在亚太地区的第五家正式签约的样板工厂。 In July 2020, Huaxin Color Printing officially signed a cooperation agreement with Bobst Shanghai and became the fifth customer reference site of BOBST in APAC.
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